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A night hike from Copped Hall on 21st of February 2009 followed by hot drinks and fish-and-chips around an open fire in the hall afterwards.  We walked from the hall through the lodge gates, into Epping Forest and then across the countryside back to the hall. We only got lost a couple of times, and not too many pictures of the walk itself because it was dark.

(Photos :Peter Gamble )

efog night hike from copped hall  Copped Hall Night Hike - 21st February 2009

efog night walk    Somewhere on the walk

efog night walk  We usually allow dogs to accompany us on our walks

efog night walk     Fish and Chips in Copped Hall

efog night walk     Duncan gave a talk about the history of Copped Hall during the lunch -

efog night walk   -  but people were very interested in eating

efog night walk    Duncan trying to get the message home?


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