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We celebrated New Year's Day by a walk in the Lee Valley Park at Fishers Green on 1st January 2007.

Fisher's Green   Walking in the Lee Valley - 1st January 2007

EFOG   The eyes of G... - sorry, Peter - overlook the walk
EFOG, Fisher's Green   Assembling for the walk at Fishers Green on the first day of 2007
EFOG, Fisher's Green  Some of the group walk to meet the others - who'd gone to the alternative car-park!
EFOG, Fisher's Green  A mixed group - including children and dogs
EFOG, Fisher's Green   Part of the walk was along the Lee Navigation
EFOG, Fisher's Green      Investigating the lock...
EFOG, Fisher's Green- and  a bit of confusion - waiting for the lock to open before proceeding?
EFOG, Fisher's Green  A pause for drinks and a snack in the winter sunshine...
EFOG, Fisher's Green    and yet another pause...
EFOG, Fisher's Green  - and another?
EFOG, Fisher's Green   Mute Swans, Greylag Goose and a coupe of Mallards -
EFOG, Fisher's Green  - and some Coots


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