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On Saturday 15th of March 2009 we followed up a presentation on the previous Thursday by a visit to look at Geology in the City of London Cemetery. We were looking at the variety of materials that are used to make the tombs and headstones. The walk, led by Wendy Kirk with David Cook, was attended by 16 people on a lovely sunny day.

(Photos :Paul Ferris and Peter Gamble )

efog - geology in the City of London Cemetery  Geology in the City of London Cemetery - 15th March 2009

efog    but there are some signs of enthusiasm!

Geology in the City of London Cemetery   It was hard to get people started after enjoying a coffee before the visit

Vigiland Memorial     This is the Vigiland Memorial - made, we were told, of Carrara marble

efog - Wendy Kirk     Wendy Kirk (in red) explains some details of the stone

efog   the fact that the headstone is of pink granite, possibly mined in Peterhead!

slate in the City of London Cemetery      Slate used as a corner moulding

efog    This tomb was made of a variety of materials: granite, marble and limestone

efog   Parviz and Trevor examining details of a worn marble stone

efog - geology with Wendy Kirk     Wendy describes how weather has eroded the marble, leaving the lead lettering standing proud

efog    The group looking at geological features, including fossils, on one of the chapels

efog   Fossils in the limestone walls

efog   Severe weathering of limestone caused by acid in rain

efog   some nice fossilised shells


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