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The first teams start to arrive back at High Beech Village Hall at about 1am. The atmosphere in the hall starts to build up as check-cards are collected and times entered onto the computer. Drinks are made for the usually hot and sometimes exhausted competitors, and amid the bustle there is an attempt to keep the levels of mud brought in down! At about 5am, witth many of the competitors having completed - breakfast is served. There is still the cleaning and tidying of the hall to be done after the competitors leave, and meanwhile the tents are taken down from the Forest and the those Group members that have spent the night out arrive back to have their breakfast!

(Photos : Jill Dominey, Paul Ferris & Peter Gamble)

Rodings Rally, 2008  Rodings Rally - boots minus the competitors

Rodings Rally, 2008   01.35 : Two of the earlier competitors have finished, and are back at the village hall. It's still clean and calm - and Jane isn't busy yet.

Rodings Rally, 2008  04.55 : Breakfast is served...

Rodings Rally, 2008  ... and there is urgency in the kitchen

Rodings Rally, 2008  05.00

Rodings Rally, 2008   Peter - perturbed

Rodings Rally, 2008   The finishing point - competitors hand their cards in here - but Alan has found time to relax

Rodings Rally, 2008  Not sure if this is JUST relaxation...

Rodings Rally, 2008  Cliff - in control  
Rodings Rally, 2008  05.15

Rodings Rally, 2008   07.51 - Ann, awarding the winning team  - "Suffoc"

Rodings Rally, 2008  After the Rally, there is cleaning up to do - Ken at the mop                   (JD)


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