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The 2008 annual Rodings Rally event took place overnight on Saturday/Sunday 15th/16th of November. Competitors undertake either a 5 or 11 mile course through Epping Forest, finding checkpoints by means of a clue-sheet, map and compass, to finish at a final checkpoint at High Beach Village Hall. EFOG members spend a lot of time arranging this event, with a much pre-planning and a considerable effort on the night...

(Photos : Jenny Burden, Jill Dominey & Peter Gamble)

Rodings Rally 2008  52nd Rodings Rally - 15th/16th November 2008

Rodings Rally 2008 15.45 : Ian and Louise decide that their checkpoint should be inside...

Rodings Rally 2008  16.00 - more seriously, Inger and Val prepare the food...

Rodings Rally 2008 1700: Final checks before the meal and the event

Rodings Rally 2008   Tony getting the check-sheets ready

Rodings Rally 2008   The pre-rally meal gets underway  

Rodings Rally 2008    17.15: The pre-rally meal

Rodings Rally 2008  During the meal

Rodings Rally 2008  It was also Steve's birthday!

Rodings Rally 2008 Is he making a birthday speech or singing a shanty ?

Rodings Rally 2008  A moments quiet for some as the checkpoints are beginning to go out

Rodings Rally 2008        1845: Jacob and Fred prior to setting out      (JD

Rodings Rally 2008  Is Fergus actually carrying Jacob?      (JD)

Rodings Rally 2008    No - Jacob is carrying his own gear

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