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Thursday 6th November, Sparklers Night at ROVSCO hall. We had decided that our celebration of whatever we were celebrating around this time - be it Guy Fawkes, Diwali, Samhain or whatever - was to be toned down a bit, both cost-wise and noise-wise. So we used a variety of sparklers and turned into children - which wasn't difficult for us.

(Photos : Peter Gamble)

EFOG  A Festival of Light celebration - 6th November 2008

EFOG  Annick arrives to a celebration

EFOG      and the street-lights join in

EFOG    Trying to create patterns

EFOG   Ignoring the 'No Smoking' sign?

EFOG   This was before the fire services arrived

EFOG   Val puts a bit of concentration into it

EFOG  Sparklingly happy

EFOG   Maz does a wheelie  

EFOG   Parviz and Val - about to have a punch up?

EFOG   Discussions as to how the event went?


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