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The following day, 11th August, Sue and Ferg. led us on a walk at Hockham Forest. Much of this followed the course of the old Thetford to Swaffham Railway, and is known as the Great Eastern Pingo Trail It is a most enjoyable routes through varied scenery but with no cuttings. Later on we encountered our first pingos, although we weren't attacked. In fact they are a geological feature - not common in Britain - and are ponds formed by the action of ice.

(Photographs by Peter and Maz Gamble)

EFOG Hockham Forest  Spot the pingo in Norfolk - 11th August 2008

Mulbarton   The house in Mulbarton - plenty of room for at least seven lodgers

EFOG   Breakfast before pingos

EFOG Hockham Forest  Setting out on the Great Eastern Pingo Trail
EFOG Hockham Forest  With pine plantations and heaths -
EFOG Hockham Forest   - mixed woodland
EFOG Hockham Forest  - with bracken
Privet Hawkmoth   Wildlife encountered : this is a Privet Hawkmoth
EFOG Hockham Forest   Paul usually tries to get ahead at kissing gates...
EFOG Hockham Forest   Part of the route follows the Peddars Way & Norfolk Coast Path
EFOG Hockham Forest  So is this a toll-bridge, then?
EFOG Hockham Forest   A short break at Hockham Heath, near the end of the walk


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