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Having lost Sue and Ferg, Jacob and Callum to the County of Norfolk, we decided to descend on them in their new home in Mulbarton for an overnight stay on 10th/11th August.

(Photographs by Peter and Maz Gamble)

EFOG Norfolk 2008  Walking in Norfolk - 10th August 2008

EFOG Norfolk 2008   Setting out on the walk, just after we arrived in Mulbarton

EFOG Norfolk 2008  Pausing at the River

EFOG Norfolk 2008  Jacob takes the lead
EFOG Norfolk 2008 The cattle weren't really interested in us
EFOG Norfolk 2008   A brief snack -
EFOG Norfolk 2008  - followed later by a lunch break -
EFOG Norfolk 2008   - followed later by a playground break
EFOG Norfolk 2008   Ken only wanted to sit down for a rest, then somebody else got on.
EFOG Norfolk 2008   Ken and Maz on the swings
EFOG Norfolk 2008   Relaxing in the evening
EFOG Norfolk 2008   Jacob does a recital
EFOG Norfolk 2008   Maz, Steve Jacob and Ann


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