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It was a totally inappropriate day on 15th June to watch a performance of "The Tempest" at Copped Hall. However, some of us turned up and braved brilliant sunshine and quite a bit of heat at the outdoor performance. As with previous performances at the Hall by the Greek Theatre Company, it was very well done and very enjoyable. Maz helped serve drinks at the drinks stall - so saw nothing of the play - while as usual the gallant volunteers from Copped Hall Trust served tea and home-made cakes in the interval. Some of us even had time before and afterwards to have a quick look at the house and grounds.

(Photographs by Peter Gamble)

"The Tempest" at Copped Hall   "The Tempest" at Copped Hall - 15th June 2008

"The Tempest" at Copped Hall    The Tempest

"The Tempest" at Copped Hall  An Ariel view of the play!

"The Tempest" at Copped Hall   Some of the Group at the interval
"The Tempest" at Copped Hall  Others at the interval


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