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On 24th February 2008 we walked from near the Green Man roundabout in Leytonstone on a 6 mile walk that encompassed much of the area covered by the historic estate of Wanstead and is now known as Wanstead Parklands. The walk covered about 6 miles, but involved a lot of stopping and starting so that Paul could point out historical remnants of the lost estate - many hardly visible to the probably bored walkers!

(Photographs by Peter Gamble)

Wanstead Park, The Grotto   The Grotto in Wanstead Park - 24th February 2008

Bush Wood   Shortly after starting out - stopping to look at the tree-avenues in Bush Wood
Wanstead Parklands  Pointing out the features on an old map of the estate
Wanstead Park   Early Crocus in Wanstead Park
Wanstead Flats  On Wanstead Flats - information about Aldersbrook Manor
Wanstead Flats  Alexandra Lake on Wanstead Flats
Wanstead Flats   Fred by the lake - begining to look bored?
EFOG   After a snack in the City of London Cemetery. The purchase of the cemetery by the Corporation of London led to Epping Forest being lost to land-grabbers.
EFOG   Goodness knows what was being pointed out !
Alders Brook   By the Alders Brook near Little Ilford
EFOG   Entering Wanstead Park again via the bridge from Ilford
Wanstead Park   Wanstead Park : Rita's bird-watching and Fred's dancing
Wanstead Park  A tired-looking bunch breaking for tea at the kiosk in Wanstead Park
Bush Wood   The Witches Tree in Bush Wood
Bush Wood   Bush Wood - the roots of the Witches Tree


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