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On 16th February 2008 Eileen led a group of twelve of us from what used to be the Camelot pub at Lambourne End through Hainault Forest and across the fields to Chigwell Village. The temperature was low enough for there to still be frost in places, but the sun shone and the ground conditions were good for walking, so we had an easy and enjoyable 6.5 mile walk on a lovely day.

(Photographs by Paul Ferris and Peter Gamble)

Epping Forest Outdoor Group   Near Chigwell Village, Essex - 16th February 2008

Epping Forest Outdoor Group    The Group before the start at the Camelot car-park in Hainault Forest
Epping Forest Outdoor Group    Passing weatherboarded cottages at Chigwell Row
Epping Forest Outdoor Group    The walkers having a brief pause by Chigwell Waterworks
Epping Forest Outdoor Group  And appearing lost and disorganised at the crossroads
Epping Forest Outdoor Group  More organised - Ian, Steve, Sue, Eileen, Prue, Ken, Lorraine, Gill, Louise, Madeleine and Peter
Epping Forest Outdoor Group  a pause for a drink and snack on some old farm-machinery
Epping Forest Outdoor Group  Leaving Chigwell Village on the return stretch
King's Head, Chigwell Village  and later - more to drink at the King's Head at Chigwell Village
Epping Forest Outdoor Group   There were a few stiles to negotiate - Prue watches Lorraine
Epping Forest Outdoor Group   And Madeleine helps herself over


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