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On Saturday 4th of May 2009 some of the EFOG Group braved travels south of the Thames once again to attend the Sweep's Festival at Rochester. .

(Photos: Paul Ferris )

Epping Forest Outdoor Group at Rochester  Sweep's Festival, Rochester - 4th May 2009

efog Sweep's Festival  With apoplogies to the musician - some of the participants were the stuff of kid's nightmares

efog Sweep's Festival  The group - wrong side of the Thames; which side of the Medway? Rochester Castle and Cathedral

efog  The Vixens - not to be tango'd with

efog This team didn't give their name

efog   Louise and Maz having a ball in the Crooked House

efog    Louise preparing to slide

efog Maz sliding

efog   Bright smiles in the Crooked House.

efog   This was wheely quite fun (though Louise perhaps didn't think so)

efog   On the wheel - six feet above the ground

efog Rochester Cathedral and Castle from the air

efog  Peter and Madelaine doing a photo-shoot

efog   and one of EFOG's confused moments

efog   EFOG with the dog

efog  Black Pig Border Morris

efog   more Black Pig Border Morris

efog   Ann eating; Katie yearning

efog  A bit of colour

efog  and a bit more colour

Rochester Sweep's Festival   Rochester Sweep's Festival - 4th May 2009


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