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A bramble bash took place in the grounds of our meeting place in ROVSCO Hall, Snaresbrook on Friday 2nd of January 2009. This was to clear the extensive growth of brambles and other vegetation that had grown up in the grounds. Ending the day with a massive pile of waste material, we hired shredders to complete the task on 20 February.

(Photos : Sue Ullersperger and Peter Gamble)

efog  Bramble Bash at ROVSCO Hall - 2nd January 2009

efog   Note that the fence is almost invisible

efog  but is beginning to appear

efog   Bramble Bash

efog    Bramble Bash

efog    Bramble Bash

efog    The waste pile is growing larger

efog   Trevor, working adjacent to the hall -

efog   - discovers a cannon ball (?)

efog  Recuperating inside the hall

The piles of waste vegetation remained for a while on the lawn of the hall until we could hire an industrial shredder.

The work was completed on 20 February, with the shreddded material being used on the shrub beds and to help fill a large depression by the hall

efog    20 February - the pile prior to shredding
efog     Going down
efog    by means of the shredder
efog     which had its moments!
efog     still going down
efog     only slowly


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