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A 5 mile walk from Finsbury Park to Alexanda Palace was undertaken by ten group members on 1st November. The walk, led by Paul, began at Finsbury Park itself with tea/coffee/chocolate and a bun in the pavilion, then followed the route of a disused railway as far as Highgate, then went through Highgate Wood and Queens Wood. Beyond Queens Wood, the railway walk (known as the Parklands Walk) was picked up again as far as The Grove at Alexandra Palace, and the buildings of Alexandra Palace itself.

(Photos : Prue Allgood and Paul Ferris)

Alexandra Palace  Parklands Walk, Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace - 1st November 2008

efog  At Finsbury Park Cafeteria at the start of the walk

efog   Group members walk the Finsbury Park to Ally Pally Line

efog    On the platform

efog   Maz and Cliff on the bridge

efog   Antiques at Highgate?

efog   In Queens Wood

efog  Queens Wood

efog   Prue fights Duncan for use of a swing... 

efog  - and succeeds

efog Duncan is fed up and the others are waiting their turn

Queens Wood   In Queens Wood

efog   Duncan disassembling a Highgate gate?

Highgate Wood    A chilly snack-break in Highgate Wood

Alexandra Palace   Another snack - at the Grove Cafe

Alexandra Palace  Reaching Alexandra Palace    
Alexandra Palace     Palm Court, Alexandra Palace


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