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Our traditional Outdoor Games Evening took place on 17th July at our traditional site, on Christchurch Green, Wanstead. It would be a lie to say that hundreds of Wanstonians turned out to watch the traditional sight, but doubtless some saw us playing Tip & Run with feet, a bat and a soft ball. Unfortunately, the recent tradition of injuries was broken this year. None of us were injured, but some of us were exhausted.

(Photographs by Peter Gamble)

EFOG Outdoor Games evening   Games on Christchurch Green - 17th July 2008

EFOG Outdoor Games evening    Paul, Jane and Louise arrive and start early - Duncan looks on in disgust

EFOG Outdoor Games evening  Louise takes a run - Paul retrieves the ball

EFOG Outdoor Games evening   Duncan catching Madeleine out
EFOG Outdoor Games evening  Ian bowls, Steve at the wicket (tree)
EFOG Outdoor Games evening   Paul - attempting a century - notice that the ball is nowhere in sight!
EFOG Outdoor Games evening   Jane : "What do I do with this?"
EFOG Outdoor Games evening   Duncan looking bored, Peter making a run.


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