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On Thursday 8th July our regular Thursday evening get-together at Snaresbrook consisted of a West Indian Evening. With due regard to the present traditions of the Epping Forest Outdoor Group, this was mainly an eating event, with food prepared by Cliff and Val. Some mention was made that we might change our name to the Epping Forest Eating Group, but then we'd have to change our initials as well

(Photographs by Peter Gamble)

EFOG West Indian Evening West Indian Evening at Snaresbrook - 8th July 2008

EFOG West Indian Evening    Early arrivals and initial preparation

EFOG West Indian Evening  Getting stuck in

EFOG West Indian Evening   Some of the Group at the barbeque
Steve  Steve does not like Caribbean-style food
EFOG West Indian Evening   Fred giving Paul instructions on drumming ?
EFOG West Indian Evening  Chris and Parviz discussing sausages


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