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Checkpoint Plotting for the annual Rodings Rally was the exercise for 6th October 2006. This was just one of a series of day-long exercises that take place each year at this time. Checkpoint-plotting comprises finding on the ground the precise positions that have been worked out to place our eight or so checkpoint tents. From the planning in the comfort of a room to the plotting in the brambles of Epping Forest is more than a step! A map, compass, tape measure and hardy constitution are the prime requirements. For information on the Rodings Rally, Click here.

Rodings Rally 2006 Checkpoint Plotting, Epping Forest - 6th October 2006

Rodings Rally 2006 Negotiating the Forest
Rodings Rally 2006 Maz, uncharacteristically - with a dog!
Rodings Rally 2006
  Is it raining?
Rodings Rally 2006 Lunch break at the biker's hut near High Beech


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