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In October 2006 we stayed at Shearings' Royal Hotel in Whitby. Our first walk, on 21st October, started with a ride - on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway from Goathland to our starting place of Levisham. Walking up from Newton Dale we walked along the edge of Levisham Moor, down towards Newtondale Halt, through Forests and on to Howl Moor and Two Howes Rigg before descending after 10 miles into Goathland.

Whitby   Whitby - October 2006

EFOG, Whitby
Our train approaches - the Group wait...
Goathland  Waiting for our transport to Levisham - Duncan, Ralph, Madeleine, Louise, Ken, Trish, Val, Ian, Ann, Annick, Steve
EFOG, Whitby  - for A4 Pacific No. 60007 "Sir Nigel Gresley" to roar through Goathland (It didn't actually - it stopped)
EFOG, Whitby  - but it was a very old train
EFOG, Whitby  Annick doing a bit of train-spotting
EFOG, Whitby  - and the Group goes off the rails
EFOG, Whitby  Ken takes a bearing in the bracken
EFOG, Whitby  Duncan preaching to the unconcerned at Skelton Tower, the ruins of a shooting lodge built by Rev. Robert Skelton in 1850. It is said that the vicar also preached his sermons here!
EFOG, Whitby  A view down Newton Dale
EFOG, Whitby  The Group pause for a break before descending to Newtondale Halt. Peter, Alex and Prue are in this shot! Paul's behind the camera
EFOG, Whitby   Past our drizzly lunch stop about halfway, a train heads towards Goathland
EFOG, Whitby  Val takes the lead, Prue follows, with Ann close behind, then comes Trish, followed by Alex, etc.etc.


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