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A Camping/Cycling/Walking weekend at Lawshall in Suffolk was our activity for 23th/24th September 2006. While the cyclists did some 50 miles around the lanes and villages of Suffolk, a couple of us did considerably less by foot on the footpaths, lanes and villages around Lawshall. Brighthouse Farm Campsite was excellent; late in the year there were few others using it, and there was plenty of room for our tents, bikes and cars. During the days, the weather was fine, although overnight there was damp and mist. But what a lovely area to walk in! A variety of footpaths and quiet lanes - and the feeling was that you were welcome to walk in the area - unlike some parts of East Anglia. A really pleasurable weekend.

Efog, Lawshall Lawshall - 23rd September 2006

Efog, Lawshall Just thinking
Efog, Lawshall Meditating?
Efog, Lawshall Chatting - and dozing!
Efog, Lawshall Early morning coffee
Efog, Lawshall  A gentle mist at dawn
Efog, Lawshall Near Lawshall, Suffolk


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