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We stayed at Frog Firle Youth Hostel at Alfriston in Sussex for a few nights from 26th August 2006. The first day's walk took us through Alfriston village, along the Cuckmere and up on to the downs, and over, to the Long Man of Wilmington. One or two at least of the girls admitted that it wasn't the giant that they'd hoped to see! (No - that one is in Dorset). It was sunny, and drizzly, and then sunny, and then sunny and drizzly. But it wasn't bad. About 10 miles.

Cuckmere Haven Cuckmere Haven, Sussex - 26th August 2006

EFOG, Alfriston YHA Preparing for the first day's walk...
EFOG, Alfriston YHA ...checking the route
EFOG, Alfriston YHA A sunny stop at the top of the downs...
EFOG, Wilmington ....and a more rainy one at the bottom
EFOG, Alfriston YHA The sun's out again..

The after-walk, pre-meal activities involved quite a bit of dropping food over the floor of the girl's dorm. Few of the men witnessed this, of course - strict segregation rules still apply in such hostels as Wilmington. (But not strict enough, it would seem!). One other thing had occurred when we got back - involving a pair of knickers belonging to one of our Group. More on these here!

The meal itself - in Wilmington - was pre-empted by a certain amount of Guinness, and accompanied by a certain amount of wine. There was a modicum of hilarity in the streets of Alfriston afterwards - quickly tempered by a very dark walk back along one of the most haunted roads in Britain. The haunters wouldn't have dared!

However, Fred got into the spirit of things by miraculously creating a magic sphere when he got back!

EFOG, Alfriston YHA Fred manages to create a magic sphere!
EFOG, Alfriston YHA Wine in a mug, food on the floor! The girl's dorm. after the walk
EFOG, Alfriston  Disturbing the peace after the evening meal

The second day was a choice of walks, a longer one and a shorter one, starting at Exceat. This actually sounds more like a missile than a village. Both took in Friston Forest and the incredibly beautiful walk along the coast by way of the Seven Sisters and Cuckmere Haven. The longer walk was about  9 miles, the shorter 6 miles.

The evening meal was at the pub at Litlington - a short, but again dark, walk from the hostel. Ne'r Black Dog, White Dog, Blue Lady nor any other coloured apparition was noted by any members of the Group - which is a bit strange after the wine and the local beer that went down.

EFOG, Seven Sisters Some of the Seven Sisters - and two friends
Cuckmere Haven Cuckmere Haven.
EFOG, Alfriston YHA The evening walk to the pub...
EFOG, Alfriston YHA ...and an underhand origami frog made by Steve


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