Forty Hall Estate and Hilly Fields Walk

Saturday 24th February saw a bright and sunny morning after 2 days of almost continuous rain. Cathy, Lorraine (Cathy’s friend), Louise, Richard and I arrived at Turkey Street station, and were soon joined by Jill S. and Sue, and after a while, by Annick and Peter who had problems with the Central Line.

Forty Hall 240224 groupWith all nine of us (a good turnout) now arrived, we set off from the station following the London Loop footpath, heading towards Forty Hall Estate, alongside Enfield Cemetery before crossing the A10 via the “step aerobics” bridge, and continuing on the loop to enter Forty Hall Estate. Ignoring the path to the left we continued ahead with Turkey Brook, which was flowing fast after the recent rain, to our right and woods and ponds to our left, stopping to admire some fungi which had grown on some fallen trees, like a fungi city. After a diversion to avoid a length of flooded footpath, we exited the park and crossed the road to enter Hilly Fields Park.

Entering the park, we followed the lower path beside Turkey Brook before eventually turning right to cross over the brook and heading uphill, with a grassed area to our left, to St John’s Church for our lunch break. The churchyard offered several seats, although they were well spaced throughout the garden, and was an ideal place for lunch at the halfway point of the walk.

After lunch, a brisk saunter downhill saw us briefly enter into Whitewebbs Park before retracing part of our outward walk, with Turkey Brook now on our left. After a while, we turned right towards the hall, heading uphill through the woods and some wet and muddy fields, not helped by the short shower of rain which was now falling, and passing the grazing cattle.

We soon reached the hall and headed for the cafe for a drink and some shelter from the rain. However, there was a considerable queue and we were then informed that they were running short of food and drinks, so as the rain had now stopped we headed off. We had a look at the front of the hall and the pond constructed in front of the hall, before heading downhill to rejoin the London Loop and retracing our footsteps back to the station, a total distance of about 6 miles. .

It had been a good walk, with a few wet and muddy spots, but not a bad as I had originally feared given the recent rain, and we all made it back in good spirits.

Trev “Pathfinder” Eley


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Photos by Jill S.