Boxing Day Walk 2023 Wanstead Park

Following a rainy Christmas Day, the 26th December dawned bright and sunny and a total of 8 Efoggers turned up at Wanstead Park for a short walk, organised by Louise and Madeleine and kindly led by Ian, being the one who knows the way round the best. 

We were joined by Brian, Kathy, Lynne, Frances and Parviz and enjoyed a slightly muddy walk until we reached the tea hut which was open, where we had a brief pause for hot drinks and snacks.  Then we carried on, spotting a heron and a few cattle brought over to graze for the winter, and got back to our cars just as darkness started to fall, and the weather started to change.  A very pleasant walk, thanks to Ian for leading, and to those who came.

Madeleine and Louise, 2nd January 2024