RSPB Rye Meads (Herts)

On November 25th, with a touch of frost on the ground and a cloudless sky above us,, we had a lovely sunny, though chilly, Saturday for a stroll round the RSPB site. We didn’t see any particularly rare/unusual birds, but did see magpies feasting on a dead goose.

efog rye meads 231125artThe only kingfisher near ‘kingfisher hide’ was the sculpture we posed beside.

Shortly after ‘kingfisher hide’ we opted to leave the site through the one-way turnstile and do the 1km walk around the perimeter of the reserve. The total walk was 2.5 miles.

On returning to the car park most of us then went to the Rye House pub for a meal. Although it’s a large pub with a beer garden we discovered that at this time of year they don’t serve food outdoors, though we could take our drinks outside. As a result it was pretty full inside, but after 10/15 minutes a table did become free so we were able to enjoy a meal and then return home in plenty of time for the evening’s RNLI quiz in Loughton which some of us were taking part in.

Richard.  25th November 2023