Hainault Forest Country Park

On an unseasonably warm but very nice Sunday on 8th October, Madeleine and Louise led a short walk around Hainault Forest Country Park, which was incredibly busy but once we got around the lake and into the woods it was much quieter.

We were joined by Laurel, Jill Strudwick, Frances, Parviz, Richard, Trevor and fledgling member Pauline and first we went to the Henge, and then deeper into the woods, where we met a couple who recommended a statue on the sculpture trail. We went off to look for that, found it and then weren't quite sure where we were.... but we found some other sculptures and got back onto the trail, which wasn't the one we'd initially been following, but they tend to join up with each other and with Pauline's help we carried on in the cool shelter of the woods. Eventually we got back to the new cafe (which opened at Easter) and visitor centre, where we were joined by Cathy Smith for tea and whatever they had left at the cafe, and we sat outside and enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine. 

Thanks to everyone who came, and to Pauline for her help (she's a volunteer there).

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Madeleine and Louise  13th October 2013