Epping Forest Bike Ride

On a pleasant Saturday in late April seven of us collected at Chingford Golf Club café for Lynne’s bike ride in Epping Forest. Only two of us were wearing shorts and Brian’s pasty legs – first time out this year - were in contrast to Peter B’s tanned limbs.

We first did a loop through Bury Wood then set off north, passing Grimston’s Oak. There has been recent research on the name of this tree and current opinion is that it has always been called Grimston’s Oak and never was called Bedford’s Oak. It seems odd to me that one of the prime movers behind the 1878 Epping Forest Act does not have a tree named after him but the then president of the MCC cricketing body does.

Up through Fairmead to skirt Hill Wood and we arrived just north of the biker’s café. Lynne gave us the option of the flat Paul’s Nursery Road or the Up and Down Ride and I foolishly elected for the latter. Much gasping and heaving later, we were at High Beach for a tea and fruit cake.

North again on the General’s Ride past Wake Arms roundabout to arrive at the Theydon Loop. Down the hill and up past Theydon Bois golf course where a couple of golfers were approaching the green. We stopped to look with the result that the poor golfer horribly sliced his shot and was no nearer the hole. Breathing restored, we carried on, enjoying the solitude in this northern part of the Forest and the sunlight shining through the new green leaf on the trees. Back down the General’s ride to High Beach again, this time for a tea and pasty which was consumed looking out over the Pillow Mounds.

Down Paul’s Nursery Road, past the biker’s café and through Bury Wood we arrived back at the Chingford Golf club café. Nearly 15 miles had been covered in leisurely fashion and we all look forward to Lynne’s next bike ride.

Brian U. 30th April 2022

Photos by Brian and Val. Route map by Val.

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cycleride april 22 001art

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