A June Walk in Epping Forest

A gloriously sunny Wednesday 9th June saw seven of us collect in Jacks Hill car park, one of the Epping Forest car parks that does not yet charge. Most of us were in shorts and t-shirts, it was so warm.

We moved off northwards on the Green Ride to reach Bell Common where we turned back south alongside Epping New Road. It is a track at this point, and after many hot dry days I was surprised to find that the track was quite boggy in places. Past the Coal Duty marker-post and the entrance to Ambresbury Banks, and dodging many muddy patches, we eventually emerged onto a surfaced path. Crossing Epping New Road we carried on south, past the Wake Arms roundabout and over Woodredon Hill. Not for the first time a motorist slowed down to let us cross the road safely.

Val was suffering with her knee, having slipped on the muddy track earlier, so she stormed ahead to be able to rest at High Beach while we waited for the stragglers (Kathy and Peter, both talking at full speed). We arrived and had our usual excellent food and drink at the green tea hut by the Pillow Mounds. It seems to me that there are fewer cars now that parking costs money. Clive turned up here. He meant to join us at the start but had an exciting time walking up from Theydon Bois which delayed him. He knew we were  heading for High Beach and made his own way there.

Carrying on, we followed the Beech Trail for a while, crossing Epping Road to reach the Green Ride again. Turning north we climbed and descended the demanding slopes around there to reach Jacks Hill again where our cars were baking in the sun.

Brian U. 9th June 2021