A message from EFOG to potential Rodings Rally Contestants:

Dear Rodings Rally Contestants,

As you may recall from the 2018 Rally Report, the Rover Scouts were interested in taking over the Rally from us. Their initial response was that they could not do the Rally in 2019, because they were involved in a fundraising jamboree and would only be able to run the Rally if we organised it for them. As the Epping Forest Outdoor Group (EFOG) had retired from the Rally last year, we declined to do so.

Since then the Scouts have obviously been talking in-house, and we received a response from then to inquiries made by some of last year's contestants who wanted to know what if anything was up. Unfortunately this reply was not what we were hoping for, so at the moment the Rodings Rally is on permanent hold unless any other large and willing group of people would like to take up the challenge.

Thank you to everyone for your interest and support over the years, it is how we managed to carry on for 64 Rallys!

Best Wishes,

Susan Carroll