EFOG members visit to the Houses of Parliament

February saw the visit to the Houses of Parliament as arranged by Dave.The involvement of Dave's M.P. had the effect of reducing the trip’s availability to just those living in the Ilford North Constituency but with the benefit of a guided tour, that saved us about £20 each.

I’m told there have been buildings on that site since the time of King Canute. At present, Parliament’s buildings are mostly covered externally due to extensive renovation works but internally - as you would expect - extremely attractive, as renovated by Pugin after a fire in 1834 caused by a tallow stick.

We joined a larger group with an informative guide and saw both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, prior to their occupation for the day’s business. Last year a newspaper reported that the Commons had changed it’s emblem from a black portcullis to I think a blue portcullis at a cost of £50,000 in consultant’s fees. It’s another world.

Phil T.,  27th February 2019