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A day visit to the Maize Maze at Blake House Craft Centre, near Braintree, Essex on 18th August 2007 gave us the opportunity to try our navigational skills. One objective was to find your way out, another additional one was to discover the secret whereabouts of animals located throughout the maze. Although we didn't fail abysmally at the first (the skeletons of EFOG members when the vegetation died down?), we didn't do too well on the second. Even after a second go round. But Maz and Peter managed to find the rest of us pretty quickly - never did find out how.

EFOG Maize Maze Maize Maze, near Braintree, Essex - 18th August 2007

EFOG Maize Maze Some of the Group at least can see the sky

EFOG Maize Maze  And it wasn't just maize, as Madeleine found - killer sunflowers!

EFOG Maize Maze ....and here is Steve (and Ron)
EFOG Maize Maze Anybody think to bring a compass?
EFOG Maize Maze Peter - taking an unofficial short-cut, perhaps?
EFOG Maize Maze The end.


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