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A stroll of 5-6 miles on Hampstead Heath on 15 July 2007 gave us the opportunity to see some of the plants and animals that live on the Heath, and visit a little known corner of the Heath. Perhaps the outstanding experience was watching a kestrel hovering at just above head-height, very close to a busy path. We weren't the only group to witness this - others were also standing watching the display. And when the falcon flew off, it was to perch low down in a tree even closer to the path. For a group that has walked in so many parts of Britain - and in a few places abroad - it was a surprise to one or two of us how many of the Group hadn't visited the Heath before.

The Pergola, Golders Hill Park, Hampstead Heath - 15 July 2007

    The kestrel after its display   (photo by PG)
Madeleine, Ian, Louise, Jacob, Sue and Callum - lunch break at Kenwood
   Louise, Steve, Cliff, Maz, Fred and Peter
Maz and Steve - Golders Hill Park, 15 July 2007
   We even looked at the difference between grasshoppers - with short antenna...
  - and crickets - with long ones (and that's because Callum and Jacob were interested!)


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