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A visit to the annual Thaxted Festival on 2nd June 2007. Some of the Group included a cycling trip in the day, others met at Thaxted. One of the most popular aspects of the festival is the number of Morris Dance sides that visit and perform in the town streets. Now that's one activity that EFOG haven't done - I think!

(Photos by Peter Gamble)

EFOG Thaxted Festival  Morris Dancing at Thaxted - 2nd June 2007

EFOG Thaxted Festival    The Guildhall and church spire, Thaxted
EFOG Thaxted Festival   Some of the Group arrived by bike
EFOG Thaxted Festival   Steve - somewhat perplexed
EFOG Thaxted Festival   Thaxted - 2nd June
EFOG Thaxted Festival Morris Dancers parading through the town
EFOG Thaxted Festival  At one of the numerous Thaxted pubs


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