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In May 2007 the Group stayed at Eastbourne, giving an opportunity for some walks on the South Downs, including Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters. Highlight of the break must have been the early morning turf-out of the hotel when the fire alarms went off! Rumour has it that our walk-leader wanted to get us up and out nice and early!

EFOG Eastbourne 2007 Eastbourne - May 2007

EFOG Eastbourne 2007 Jevington Church, East Sussex
EFOG Eastbourne 2007  From the woods near Jevington
EFOG Eastbourne 2007  Common Spotted Orchid by the footpath
EFOG Eastbourne 2007 Striding out towards Wilmington
EFOG Eastbourne 2007 On the South Downs Way
EFOG Eastbourne 2007
Descending the downs near the Long Man of Wilmington

Our second day's walk was along the coast from Eastbourne to Cuckmere Haven. Whereas the Downs walk of the day before had been relatively sunny and warm, there was a strong wind blowing off the sea on this walk. As the day went on - more gear was donned! By the time we boarded the bus back from Exceat, even Duncan was looking windswept!

EFOG Eastbourne 2007
Passing Eastbourne pier on our second day's walk -
EFOG Eastbourne 2007
- and the weather is proving windy
EFOG Eastbourne 2007
Andrea checking to see whether she can fly
EFOG Eastbourne 2007
The Group having found some shelter -
EFOG Eastbourne 2007
- and later - not
EFOG Eastbourne 2007 The Seven Sisters- well actually, just the EFOG group!
EFOG Eastbourne 2007  Duncan  - a ghost of his former self ! (buscam.)


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