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Sue arranged a visit to see the bluebells of Claybury Woods on 14th April 2007. As well as the Bluebells, Wood Anemone and Wild Garlic were all in flower. It was a lovely April day, and as we left the woods and strolled in the evening sunshine it was warm enough without coats. Steve the bulldog felt in need of a cooling in the pond - but then he's just as likely to do that in the middle of January.

EFOG Claybury Woods 2007  Ramsons (Wild Garlic) at Claybury Woods - 14 April 2007

EFOG Claybury Woods 2007
  Ramsons and Bluebells
EFOG Claybury Woods 2007  Trampsing the woods and photographing the Bluebells - Claybury Woods in April
EFOG Claybury Woods 2007  More trampsing

EFOG Claybury Woods 2007   Somebody seems to be going home....

EFOG Claybury Woods 2007   Steve - water....enjoying it immensely

EFOG Claybury Woods 2007 Breaking out of the woods for a walk in the evening sunshine


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