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The Group stayed at the Youth Hostel in Hunstanton for one night on 3/4th June 2006. On the first day a walk from Hunstanton along the sea front, onto the low, coloured cliffs south of the town and by the sandy shore furthur on.

Paul and Val, cutting the walk shorter than the rest, cadged a lift in a sporty open-topped car to get back to Hunstanton. The car driver wasn't actually going there, but some coercion (by Val) took place!               

Blakeney Point Blakeney Point, North Norfolk - 4th June 2006

Hunstanton Hunstanton Beach
EFOG, Hunstanton Setting out on the first day's walk - 3rd June 2006
EFOG, Hunstanton This particular residence took a few of our fancies..
EFOG, Hunstanton Evening on the beach at Hunstanton..

Some of us were up at about 5am on the second day, and walked on the pristine beach. Later we took a trip from Blakeney Quay to see the seals on the sandbanks at Blakeney Point. There are both Common and Grey seals here, and we had wonderful close-up views of both. The weather was wonderful, with lovely blue skys - and warm In addition to the seals, we saw Common, Sandwich and Little Terns on the shell and shingle banks, as well as Oystercatchers and Pinkfooted Geese. As we stopped for a snack back on shore, a Marsh Harrier was winging across the marshes.         

EFOG, Hunstanton     Early morning - 4th June 2006
EFOG, Hunstanton  Setting out for the seals
EFOG, Hunstanton     Annick photographs the photographer
EFOG, Hunstanton     Relaxing on the sands
EFOG, Hunstanton Peter, searching for seals
EFOG, Hunstanton ...the object of the exercise

Finally, on our we back home, we stopped off for awhile at the Cley Nature Reserve, run by the Norfolk Naturalists Trust. This area of North Norfolk is one of the best in the country for the diversity of birds - including many rare ones - that visit. Redshank, Shoveller and the emblem of the RSPB, the Avocet, were amongst the birds that we saw.

EFOG, Hunstanton   Avocet at Cley Nature Reserve
EFOG, Hunstanton   Redshank at Cley


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