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The Group stayed at the Lower Wych Youth Hostel near Great Malvern on 27/28th May 2006. Walks on the Malvern hills - longer ones for those more able, shorter ones and cafe stops for those less so - gave a variety of opportunities on the first day of our weekend in the Malverns.                                             

EFOG, Malverns The Malvern Hills - 28th May 2006

An early morning attempt on Perseverance Hill was not only pre-breakfast, but a personal break-through for one member - recently recovered from a hip replacement operation. Another less-than-usual accomplishment was Fred getting his trousers muddied!

EFOG, Malverns Fred's unusually muddied trousers
EFOG, Malverns Herefordshire - from Worcestershire
EFOG, Malverns Paul, having reached the top!
The Malverns The Malverns from the Worcestershire Beacon
EFOG, Malverns  Little-people at the trig-point?
EFOG, Malverns  The outskirts of Malvern below

In the evening, after a good meal, we wended our way to Hollybush to stay in a bunk-house barn - to find that there had been a double booking. This led to a considerable amount of sharing, a tent and a night in the car. For the car-sleeper, another pre-breakfast walk as the sun rose incorporated Midsummer Hill - maybe a couple of weeks early but...nicely named.

EFOG, Malverns A relaxed meal in the evening
EFOG, Malverns Discussing the double-booking
EFOG, Malverns  Steps - but it's a long, steep slope up to -
EFOG, Malverns Morning light near Midsummer Hill
EFOG, Malverns  - woods of Bluebells -
EFOG, Midsummer Hill  - and May blossom on Midsummer Hill

The Group walk- after breakfast - was lead by Duncan and consisted of a figure-of-eight route in the southern Malverns. This was highlighted by pretty good weather until we reached the very top of an exposed hill - then a sudden dark cloud and rain-storm as we ate our sandwiches. Having negotiated the subsequent Malvern rain-forests on the way down - the walk continued in the sunshine.

EFOG, Malverns  Steve, Fred, Peter, Val, Ken and Duncan - with the others behind
EFOG, Malverns  Coats are going on - Steve looking at the clouds -
EFOG, Malverns   At the trig-point - in the rain -
EFOG, Malverns - followed by muddy and slippery slopes
EFOG, Malverns   And finishing in the sunshine


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