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The Group says that it is ready to try anything (appropriate and within reason!) so we decided to turn our hand to building nest-boxes at an event taking place at Weald Park in Essex on 19th February 2006.  It may well have been that the event was organised mainly with young people in mind - but we decided that we reasonably qualified for that, and - as no people younger than ourselves turned up anyway - we were entirely appropriate. The results - as can be seen from the photographs were entirely succesful. Whether any birds decided they were has yet to be announced.

Epping Forest Outdoor Group, Weald Park, Essex Nest-box making at Weald Park - 19 February 2006

Epping Forest Outdoor Group  Val getting it together
Epping Forest Outdoor Group  Duncan - concentration
EFOG  That was not supposed to happen
EFOG  Nails
EFOG  Fred getting the uprights in place
EFOG  A Proud Moment


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