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On 19/20 November 2005 we manned High Beech Village Hall, a tea-tent, a starting point and eight checkpoints so that 200 or so people could run through Epping Forest in the middle of the night. This is the annual Rodings Rally, arranged and run by members of the Epping Forest Outdoor Group. The fact that we do it every year, and people participate in it every year, means that it must be enjoyable. Doesn't it? For one EFOG member, this was the first experience - having only been coerced into the Group at the Epping Forest Festival in September - see here!

Rodings Rally - 19/20 November 2005

Rodings Rally 2005 EFOG members at the get-together prior to the competitors arriving - relative calm....
Rodings Rally 2005 ....but later the competitors arrive and things get more hectic
Rodings Rally 2005 Maz deperately providing tea/coffee - Peter desperately washing up...
Rodings Rally 2005  the other Peter - literally sweating over the stove.
Rodings Rally 2005 - requiring food and drink.
Rodings Rally 2005 the bustle of competitors returning in the early hours -
Rodings Rally 2005     Exhausted young competitors after their night-run
Rodings Rally 2005 The scores team in a quieter moment


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