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A variety of activities that we have participated in are shown on this page. These include folk dancing, Group display stands at events such as the Wanstead Fair, a Japanese Evening and Christmas parties. Occasionally members of EFOG do ad hoc activities that are not shown on the programme - some of these are shown here, too.

efog   Cycling in Cambridgeshire, 2007

efog The Group's display stand at the Wanstead Fair, September 2006 

efog  Thames Bridges Walk - 21st January 2007

efog - cycling  Cycling near Matching Green, March 2006

efog - halloween       Halloween - 1st November 2007
efog Folk/Country Dancing (or maybe hexing?) in September 2006

efog Christmas Party               Christmas Party on 20th December 2007 

efog - Tanners Marathon 2006 EFOG members competing in the Tanners Marathon, July 2006
efog  Japanese Evening in August 2006. Lorraine has used miniature light-sabers as hair decorations.
efog One of our younger members. This is NOT a mask.

efog, Kew Gardens  Visiting the Wollemi Pine at Kew Gardens, 3 December 2006
(One of the world's oldest and rarest trees; only discovered in 1994)

efog, Wanstead Evening games at Christchurch Green, Wanstead on 1st June 2006. The group behind are not playing because they are tending to the annual injury. Those in front are arguing whether the stick moved.

efog    Wanstead Park Fair, 2006, Gill is supposed to be helping

efog - London Marathon    2007 London Marathon. Sue on 22nd April

efog Talk by Diane Nightingale MBE about the Postellers YHA Group on Thursday 2nd October 2008.


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