Rodings Rally 2015 - Competitors Comments


Edward Barnard, ELR = East London Runners -

All three of us used to be members of East London Runners, though one now lives in Somerset, and another on the Isle of Grain (Kent). We first entered this event a few years ago, thinking it would be easy – quick run around, only 12 miles, how hard can it be to find a tent, then a few beers before the breakfast tent opened in the morning. I had the beer ready in the back of the car. Needless to say, as many of you will know, it isn’t as easy as that. Picking the correct option for the second checkpoint would have made things a bit quicker… and solving the puzzle question correctly meant we might have found that checkpoint before we realised that we had less than half an hour to cover half the length of Epping Forest back to the end point. Despite running the whole way, we missed it by 3 minutes… We haven’t entered the 10 checkpoint event since, just the 5’s, hunting around (invariably holly) bushes to find invisible tents miles away from where they ‘should be’. Drags us back every year.

We are really pleased finally to have won this, and certainly intend to try and defend it next year; the running club, initially a bit suspicious, now support us and have fielded other teams. We have also put to bed jibes about getting lost on club runs, which might have happened once or twice...

What are our tips? We have been trying to mark the checkpoints on the map accurately before we set off, and we have kept on running between checkpoints. Other than that, I don’t know how we improved on last year, where for the second time we were third, an hour behind the winners. We even fitted in most of a cup of tea at the life saving tea tent; many thanks for those manning the tents, and the start and finish – we hugely appreciate your efforts.


Russell Stebbings, Teams: Carabids of Fire, Dragon Fliers -

Dear All, this is just a quick line to say how much we/I thoroughly enjoy your event! It is very clear to us how much effort goes in to the planning and execution of it and it is very professionally run. We have done this 4 times now and have competed in a large number of road races, orienteering events, trail races, ultras, and a couple of desert races and your event is by far the most enjoyable! It is a highlight of our calendar. Thanks to all connected with it, it is simply brilliant!

Very best wishes to all concerned.


Gavin Jessup, Dartford Scout Tortoises -

Thanks for a great event. Dartford scout tortoises did visit all checkpoints in the correct order. One of the checkpoints did fill in the wrong box on our scorecard. ‬


John Pennifold‪ -

Great event as usual. Did anybody find a pair of thin black gloves out in the forest? Possibly dropped at a checkpoint. ‬

‪ ‬

Ian Brazier -

An amazing event! Well done all especially the volunteers. ‬


Ryan Smith,  Slack Ops -

Big time thank you to you and all of the Rally organisers and helpers. I had a great time, as did James and my brother.  This year we benefited from our previous experience and it also helped that we had another pair of eyes.

My overall feeling about the night was how friendly everyone was and particular praise should go to you and any other soul who braved a tent for the night.  Further praise should also go to the gentlemen at the beverages tent.  James’ hot dog was a lifesaver.

We had a brief team chat about doing the 10 clues next year and personally I’d love to do it, but I’ll wait to see how we all feel next year.

Thanks again and hopefully we will see you again next year. Best regards.


Cockney Nimrods 3 -

Many thanks for yet another great event on Sat night. I haven’t caught up with the other of our teams but we certainly enjoyed it.


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