Rodings Rally


Rodings Rally is an all night orienteering cum map reading competition that has taken place in Epping Forest every year in November for over 60 years.

The Rally follows a route through Epping Forest along a variety of paths, tracks and trackless scrub, including holly. There is a choice of two events where you will be asked to find either five or ten checkpoints located within the forest. The final checkpoint will be at High Beach Village Hall. Routes cover approximately six or twelve miles respectively, 'as the crow flies'! The route is based on a map specially prepared for the Rally, which covers all of Epping Forest used on the night; scale 1:20,000. One map for each team is included in the entry fee and will be posted to you with details of the start location and your start time, upon receipt of your entry form and payment. Extra copies of the map are available at a cost of £1.50, either in advance or on the night. 

The entry fee is £12.00 per person, and £10 per person for those under 20: this includes a £1.00 donation to a charity, and hot/cold drinks at a refreshment point along the route and on arrival at the finish. Hot dogs and chocolate bars may be purchased at the refreshment point. Breakfast (including a vegetarian option) will be available from 4.30 am at High Beach Village Hall at a cost of £3.50 if ordered in advance using the Entry Form. Subject to availability, breakfast will be available to those who haven't ordered in advance at a cost of £4.00.

Each entrant should have suitable footwear, waterproofs and walking attire which must include an item of reflective clothing to be worn when on or near roads. Each team should carry torches, spare batteries, compass, pencil, map (supplied - so remember to bring it with you) and map case. It is also advisable to carry some food and drink. Each team should also have a mobile phone in case of emergencies but please be aware that reception within the Forest is patchy.

Teams must consist of 2, 3 or 4 competitors. No entrant below the age of 16 will be allowed to compete unless they are in a team with an adult. (Members of the Scout Association may apply their own rules for age).

The checkpoints, which are lit or unlit, are usually tents, and must be found in the prescribed order, their location being deduced from a clue sheet that is handed to the team at the start point. The Marshal must sign team cards at each checkpoint, excepting any unmanned checkpoints.

In the 5 and 10 checkpoint events, the winning team shall be the team that finds the highest number of checkpoints within eight hours. In the 5 and 10 checkpoint event, the winning group shall be the one whose three highest placed teams have the highest cumulative total of checkpoints found. In the 10 checkpoint event, the winning YHA team shall be the team that finds the highest number of checkpoints within 8 hours. In case of a tie, the shortest time taken will be the deciding factor in all events.

The following trophies are awarded:




Awarded …..

Team Trophy

10 checkpoint

To the team finding the most checkpoints (out of 10) in the fastest time

Group Trophy

10 checkpoint

To the group whose 3 highest placed teams have the highest total of checkpoints found

Team Trophy (Vic Halstead)

5 checkpoint

To the team finding the most checkpoints (out of 5) in the fastest time

Group Trophy

5 checkpoint

To the group whose 3 highest placed teams have the highest total of checkpoints found

The Rockets Challenge

5 checkpoint

To the under 20 team finding the most checkpoints (out of 5) in the fastest time

Best Endeavour (Suffoc Trophy)

5/10 checkpoint

at the discretion of the organisers

The Rockets Challenge Trophy is to encourage younger competitors. To qualify for this trophy teams should consist of under 20s (on the 18th November 2017), with a maximum of 1 participating team member aged 20 or over. The winner will be the ‘under 20’ team finding the most checkpoints (out of 5) in the fastest time. If you wish to enter a team in this category, please tick the “under 20” column for the appropriate team(s) on the entry form. If you do not wish to enter a team into this category please leave it blank. .

Any teams collaborating will be judged as one team and the poorest performance result applied. Should two teams from the same group meet and feel they could be accused of collaborating, one team may ask to be held at a checkpoint for a period of five minutes. This time will then be deducted from their final result. This request can only be granted twice.

Teams causing a nuisance or ignoring the Country Code will be disqualified. The Country Code is set out below. Any team found to be using any type of mobile communications equipment to gain an unfair advantage in the Rally, for themselves or their group, will be disqualified. This includes mobile phones and Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment.

A team has eight hours to complete the course, starting from the individual team's actual start time. Any team arriving at the finish in over eight hours will be placed below teams finishing in less than eight hours, regardless of the number of checkpoints found. At least two members of a team must be present at the finish before a team result is recorded.

The finish is at High Beach Village Hall, Avey Lane, High Beach, Loughton, Essex, IG10 4AB. The village hall tends to be very crowded on the Sunday morning. We plan to announce results from 7am, and if the winners wish to remain, trophies will be presented, otherwise arrangements will be made afterwards. All teams who gain a placing will receive a Rodings Rally certificate. The decision of the Chief Marshal is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Full results and analysis will be emailed to the team leader.

The Rally organisers, Epping Forest Outdoor Group, whilst doing their utmost to make this a safe, enjoyable and competitive event, can accept no responsibility for injury to competitors or spectators, or damage and/or loss to personal property, no matter how it occurred.

Please take extra care if moving along or crossing roads; even at night the Epping New Road in particular is a fast and dangerous road. Competitors are advised to have reflective clothing with them for use if they have to be on or near a road and to encourage team members to pay attention to the roads, not their maps, when crossing.

We strongly advise you to review your own personal insurance details prior to competing.

Car parking is very restricted around the Village Hall. As this is a residential area, please show consideration to nearby residents by keeping noise to a minimum. We can transport hand luggage from the start to the finish to save you carrying it all night but no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage. Labels can be obtained from the Start Marshal. All lost property handed to the organisers will be retained for three months. If not claimed within that time, it will be disposed of and any proceeds will go to the Epping Forest Outdoor Group.


Country Code

  • Guard against all risk of fire

  • Leave all gates as you find them

  • Keep dogs under proper control

  • Keep to public paths across farm land

  • Avoid damaging fences, hedges and walls

  • Leave no litter

  • Safeguard water supplies

  • Protect wildlife, wildflowers and trees

  • Go carefully on country roads

  • Respect the life of the countryside