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On 24th March 2007 we walked from Tower Bridge to Greenwich on a somewhat chill day. Posing for photographs by some sculptures, a welcome (and somewhat prolonged) break at a city farm for tea and cakes, another stop for drinks and snacks at a pub, and then we were at Greenwich. The Cutty Sark was invisible (in wraps for repair and just before the disastrous fire), but the old Naval College buildings - particularly the painted hall and chapel - were a magnificent end to the walk.

EFOG Thames Walk    A splitting headache en route from Tower Bridge to Greenwich - 24th March 2007     (photo by PG)   

EFOG Thames Walk Ken and Cliff posing, Paul tying his bootlaces (again) - who's the other bloke?               (photo by PG)
EFOG Thames Walk Paul, Lorraine, Steve, Val, Fred, Maz, Ann, Ken and Cliff at Surrey Docks Farm             (photo by PG)
EFOG Thames Walk  Thames-side truffle hunters           (photo by PG)
EFOG Thames Walk Ken, Ann, Lorraine, Maz, Val and Steve at Greenwich   (photo-PF)
EFOG Thames Walk    Equestrian Dominatrix? (Actually, Boudicca)     (photo-PF)
EFOG Thames Walk  The Painted Hall at Greenwich    (photo by PG)
EFOG Thames Walk  The ceiling's that way         (photo-PF)
EFOG Thames Walk   No - the other way!                    (photo-PF)


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