Epping Forest Bike Ride

Three of us met up on Sunday 15th December at the Golf Club Café on Bury Road in Chingford to take part in the Epping Forest Bike Ride.  We were really lucky as the weather was very kind to us – dry, mild and sunny which is a great improvement on the recent stormy and windy weather.  I did wear a silly Santa Hat on my helmet to add a bit of festivity to the ride.

We had a quick hot drink at the café and then set out on the tracks around Epping Forest, doing a sort of figure of eight ride crossing the Epping New Road a couple of times and going through High Beach twice – although I only allowed a Tea Hut break on the way back.  We went past the Big View (with a quick photo stop) and up around (what I call) the Theydon Loop.  We then came back round to the Tea Hut for a well-earned break.  The forest looked lovely in the winter sunshine and it was very enjoyable (if a little bit wet in places).  We returned to Chingford in just under 3 hours.  Thanks for the company Jill and Ian.

Last month (on 23rd November) we met up at the same place (The Golf Club Café) for the ‘Rodings Rally Memorial Walk’.  The venue was chosen as that was our usual meeting place for Check Point Plotting and the date as that would have been the date of the Rodings Rally if we had been doing one this year.  Sixteen of us set off on the walk and we didn’t lose Fred!  In fact he was up at the front most of the time.  I had to apologise to our walkers for the rather wet feet they suffered crossing the bottom of Chingford Plains near the start, it was much wetter than I thought it would be, but we kept to the tracks after that.  We did about 7-8 miles in the end, but in a decent time, including a stop at High Beach Tea Hut.

Lynne Edmond, 16th December 2019

efog eppingbike 20191215 114134

efog eppingbike 20191215 114134