Epping Forest Bike Ride

Five of us met at Bury Road car park at 10.30 on Sunday 16 July and set off on our bikes.

Passing through Buttonseed Corner (how did it get that name?) and past Grimston’s Oak, we crossed the Epping New Road and set off up the Green Ride. Puffing up the gradient past Loughton Camp and again past Bellringers Hollow we stopped occasionally to regroup and have a drink. The weather was warm and humid and a slight sweat had been raised despite the easy pace.

A final up-gradient past Furze Ground and on to the more level surface past Ditches Ride. We diverted close to the Epping Road to see Ambresbury Banks, an SSSI and very impressive earthworks. Brian pointed out the apparent milestone on the main road which is actually a coal duty marker post and is almost opposite the entrance to Ambresbury Banks.

Back down to Wakes Arms, crossing Epping Road and the very busy Woodridden Hill and a quick stop to admire the Big View. It was a fine day and we could see across North London for miles. Then on to High Beach where a tea stop was made. Very reasonable, tea and a slice of fruit cake for £1.60.

Val was visibly relaxing as she could see that Brian was keeping a pace which meant she could get home in time to see the Wimbledon men’s final. It was a bonus that from High Beach it was virtually all downhill and we arrived back at the car park around 1 pm.

Only two of us were on knobbly tyres but it has been so dry recently that even on the track near Ambresbury Banks there was only a trace of mud and we all coped easily with the conditions.


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Brian Unwin, 16th July 2017