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The following day of our visit to The Peak District, on 2nd March, we walked from Barn Farm to Stanton Moor Plantation, and on to Earl Grey's Tower. From there we visited the Nine Ladies Stone Circle which was built about 4,000 years ago.  We walked on to Stanton-in-the-Park and Sheepwalk Wood and Alport village, where there was a water-mill by the River Bradford.  We lunched by the river between Alport and Youlgrave.  In the afternoon, we followed the Limestone Way to Harthill Moor, and clambered up Robin Hood's Stride, where there were wonderful views across the beautiful countryside, and back to Barn Farm.  This walk was about 9.5 miles, and it was very windy up on the hills!  

(Photographs by Peter Gamble)

EFOG The Peak District   Birchover Bunkhouse Barn, Peak District - 2nd March 2008

EFOG The Peak District   Setting out on the second day
EFOG The Peak District  Stanton Moor Plantation
EFOG The Peak District  Earl Grey's Tower near Stanton Lees
EFOG The Peak District  The Nine Ladies Stone Circle
EFOG The Peak District    The Nine Ladies Stone Circle (I think there are some men in this picture too!)
EFOG The Peak District   Sheepwalk Wood with Stanton in Peak cricket club on left
EFOG The Peak District   Looking north towards Nether Haddon
EFOG The Peak District   Alport Mill on the River Bradford
EFOG The Peak District   Lunch near the River Bradford
EFOG The Peak District   Youlgrave
EFOG The Peak District   The Limestone Way on Harthill Moor
EFOG The Peak District   Robin Hood's Stride


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